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In an attempt to make more content and post more regularly on the blog, I’ve decided to write about something everyday, using a tactic known to me as war. I used to write on other social medias when I was younger, and what me and people would do to build inspiration and stop writers block was to write constantly for 10 minutes. No stops. This could have been about a certain topic, or anything we wanted. The winner would be whoever had the higher word count. So I’ll begin doing this. Today, I’ll be writing about comparing myself to friends and other people in the industry.

The time is 20:17pm.

It’s important for me to remember that I’m right at the beginning of my sixpalmtrees and Chef Zak journey. While I’ve been planning things and thinking about what I want to do for ages, it doesn’t mean anything if I’m not actually doing the work I need to complete my goal. I see my friends, with larger social media followers and photos that look professional and can’t help but compare myself to them, even though they’ve known what they wanted to do for longer than I have, and have a much stronger support system. They have different strengths to me, and a lot more contacts which gives them an edge. I’m so proud of everything they’ve done and I love watching their journey, but it makes me think that I’m not doing enough, that I should be at a more advanced stage because that’s where they are. There are so many variations of the quote “don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else chapter 13” on the internet, and while it’s easy to agree with in principle, I find it hard not to compare.

Not even just with friends; I see established professionals on instagram and youtube who have been cooking and developing for years and again, I begin to feel annoyed at my lack of progress. I start to think about what I’m doing wrong and why I’m not getting the results it’s taken other people years to get in a couple of weeks. I have to remember I’ve come a lot farther than I think since I started officially in May. It hasn’t even been a month, but I’ve met so many people, learnt a lot about myself and my work ethic and my style. I’ve developed new skills and am putting in the groundwork to do bigger and better things. I know that sometimes I slack, and am not working as much as I should or I want to, I have to remember that before I decided to take this seriously, I’d sleep 18 hours a day and not really do much.

I discovered that I really like food photography and experimenting with recipes down to the individual teaspoon. I like that food can make people happy and bring people together. I don’t like spending hours online looking what other people are doing because it’s worthless, but when I have to post photos or connect with people, I can’t help doing it.

It’s 20:27. Pen down.

That was an interesting post. I’m not going to elaborate on what I said because I think that defeats the purpose of the exercise but what I will say is that I know there are lots of people who probably resonate with what I’ve just said and keep comparing themselves to others. Once we move away from this toxic mindset and focus on our own journey, that’s when we’ll really see progress.

Have a lovely day.