Dinner Pho Tonight

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We decided to ignore the pleas of the younger children and order some takeaway other than chips and chicken. We decided on Pho District, a nearby Vietnamese takeaway with some really good reviews.

Special fried rice from Pho District
Hoian Special Fried Rice: As a person of colour, I don’t think I could go a day without rice, so obviously we had to order this. We all loved it. The rice was soft, seasoned really well, and was generally just moreish.
Crabmeat rolls from Pho DIstrict
Crab meat Square Rolls: I’d never had crab before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I really enjoyed the rolls though, alongside the tofu, it was my favourite part of the meal.
Stewed Pork from Pho District
Stewed Pork: The pork belly was insanely soft and tender, and mum said the sauce reminded her of food she ate in her childhood. I guess Guyanese food has more in common with Vietnamese than I thought.
Fried Tofu from Pho District
Fried Tofu: The journey definitely made it so the tofu was soggier than it should have been, and the sauce in the package. Despite this though, the coating was seasoned really well and the texture of the tofu was great

In conclusion, it was a good meal and a lovely break from our usual choice in takeaway. As usual, I’d love to try it dine in but I wouldn’t be opposed to ordering it home again.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

You can find the Pho District website here: https://www.phodistrict.net/

You can find my other reviews here: https://sixpalmtrees.com/category/reviews/

Little House on the Prairie (Fire)

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If it wasn’t obvious already, my family really love burgers. We also really love takeaway. So, we decided to try out a burger place doing delivery only and give our opinions on it. We ordered from a place called Prairie Fire, which was more expensive than we were used to but we decided to give it a whirl anyway.

Prairie Fire takeaway box
The boxes they came in were really cool but we thought they were a little too big
Cheesy Chips
Cheesy Chips: For the price, we expected more, and we reckoned the cheese tasted artificial. Despite that, the flavour of the chips was bomb and they were cooked really well.
I’m not usually a fan of sausages like these but I was pleasantly surprised by this. The crispy onions on top were really good but unfortunately I am still not sold on mustard.
BBQ chicken wings
The bbq chicken wings were definitely the best part. The chicken was juicy and the sauce was good.
Pulled pork burger
The pulled pork burger came with a much needed sauce, considering the meat itself was a little dry and bland. Some of the meat was way too hard to chew but overall the burger wasn’t bad.
Now this cheese and bacon burger was the undisputed favourite. It was soft, juicy, and the cheese melted really nicely.

Overall, while the takeaway was pretty decent, I don’t think we’d buy Prairie Fire again, because we can’t really justify the price for the quality and amount of food we got. If I was in the area though, and there was a dine in option, I wouldn’t be against getting a cheeseburger, but It’s not something I’d go out of my way for.

You can find their website here: https://prairiefirebbq.com/

You can find my other reviews here: https://sixpalmtrees.com/category/reviews/

The Waiting Game

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I love Ghanaian food. My Ghanaian genes allow me to gleefully take part in diaspora wars, namely Nigerian vs Ghanaian jollof and afrobeats vs dancehall. Though, this is where I admit I prefer dancehall and I say plantain the Caribbean way.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of this specific Ghanaian restaurant called Asafo, ever since my favourite restaurant Elmina got closed down. They’re both in the south London area; Asafo being in Brixton and Elmina used to be in Norwood.

Ever since Elmina closed down, finding a restaurant that made rice as good as my family was very hard. I still haven’t. But after countless tries, Asafo is a good second place.

And finally, after 3 years, I could have it again. Sure, I could have just gone and bought some in the 3 years but for reasons, I decided against it. The excitement that came from seeing the tupperware was almost too much.

I had ordered jollof, chofi, fried plantains and of course, shito. Everything came packed individually, meaning the portion sizes were large. The jollof was just as I remembered it, spicy and delicious. The chofi was a mix of crunchy and soft, and the shito was the perfect amount of peppery. In conclusion, it was worth the wait. At first, I was nervous that I had over exaggerated how good the food was in my head, but I’m relieved that this wasn’t the case. In fact, the food managed to stand against my idealistic imagination, and that is the most important.

Of course, it can’t beat homemade family food but what can?

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.

Wholegrain Roti and a Lot More

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So as I write this, I’m staring at my phone looking at the badly taken photos on Indian takeaway I ordered. I don’t actually eat that much Indian food, but my sister suggested I try something different to review. We looked up the best rated places in the area, Lahori Tikka Masala.

I didn’t bother taking out my camera and doing a photoshoot, because I was insanely hungry. But I was excited to talk about the food and review so here we go.

We ordered two types of of vegetable samosa; normal and Punjabi (which was considerably bigger and was seasoned differently.)

Both me and my sister preferred the normal style; the seasoning on that was top notch and the potato was cooked really well. We ordered two types of lamb, vindaloo and grilled chops. Both of them were seasoned amazingly too, and the spice level of vindaloo was perfect. (I love spicy food so I was happy they didn’t skimp out on the pepper.)

Finally, we ordered two types of roti. One plain, and one aloo paratha. Honestly, when I ripped into the tinfoil, I was surprised to see brown flour was used. Not for some weird culinary reason, but simply because I hadn’t tried wholegrain roti.

It was actually really good, albeit a little chewy. Again, the potato seasoning was top notch (I’m noticing a pattern here, are you?) and the balance of potato to other vegetables was really good.

All in all, it was a great meal and it was worth the money.

West Indian in West London

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On my daily route, I pass a lot of varied eateries serving food from all around the world. Most of them are chains, but there are a few privately owned ones which I intend on visiting. One of the larger restaurants is Turtle Bay, Caribbean bar and restaurant with branches around the UK.

I had the curry goat hash (chopped up meat/potatoes/veg served in a bowl). It was served with two runny eggs and lots of onion around the outside. Curry goat is one of my favourite meals, so I was excited about how they’d put their spin on the dish. Naturally, I ordered the meal with roti, while my friend opted for fried chicken and chips.

I loved the runny egg yolks with the crispy potato and the goat meat was super tender. I’m trying to persuade my friend to go back again because I really miss the roti but she won’t budge because she’s “saving her money” or whatever.