Ghana, and the Exciting World of Tomatoes

I’m not a tomato fan. Although this may suggest that I’m a picky eater, this is not the case. I will eat everything. Tomatoes however? Something about them makes me want to be sick and run in the opposite direction, to the extent that I don’t even eat pizza or ketchup. And yet my favouriteContinue reading “Ghana, and the Exciting World of Tomatoes”

Grandmothers, Guyana and Green Banana

I’m kicking off my black history month work with an interview with my mum and her twin sister, who talk about growing up with their grandmother, the smells of their childhood and their their interpretation of Guyanese culture. Mum recalls her early childhood to be lively, playing outside with her cousins, the smell of freshlyContinue reading “Grandmothers, Guyana and Green Banana”

How to Make the Perfect Recipe (Kinda)

Today, I’ll be discussing how to make a recipe. You might think it’s really easy, just write some steps down and give them to people but in reality there is so much more work that goes into the process before you even write down the list of ingredients. You have to factor in certain things.Continue reading “How to Make the Perfect Recipe (Kinda)”

The Victoria Sponge Saga: 1

You’d think Victoria sponge cakes are really easy. Vanilla sponge, some jam, some cream and done? Actually, no. For a cake so simple, you need to perfect everything. The sponge has to be light, fluffy, bouncy and perfectly sweet. This then has to balance out the more tart sweetness of the jam and finally theContinue reading “The Victoria Sponge Saga: 1”

Fine Dining in the Future

No, this isn’t another one of those posts about how the future of the industry will change because of the pandemic and social distancing. I’m about to talk about something a lot more important in my opinion. That’s about black girls in fine dining, and the culinary industry. Because that’s an industry that really needsContinue reading “Fine Dining in the Future”