Dinner by Heston

Without a doubt, Dinner by Heston was one of the best meals I had had in a very long time. It combined traditional British cooking and modern techniques. I found that it was tastefully executed, and everything had a purpose, compared to other restaurants.

I elected to have the most interactive experience of service to really understand the history behind every single dish. The front of house staff were incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, answering all the questions I had about well, everything really.

The first course was their famous meat fruit; chicken liver parfait in a mandarin gel. I had heard so many things about it beforehand, so I was really looking forward to trying it. The seasoning was perfect, and the saltiness of the parfait worked really well with the sourness of the gel. The toast was also fantastic, and I could have eaten a whole basket of it by itself.

It was very humbling for me to try this dish, as it had inspired my rotten apple. (Another chicken liver parfait filled with cranberry sauce, and then spray painted to give it that distinctive “rotten” colour)

My second course was the pork chop. It was cooked to perfection and served with Hispi cabbage, (which I adore) apple cider gel and Robert mustard sauce. The classic combination of pork, apple and mustard was a knockout as usual, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Finally for dessert, I had the chocolate tart as well as some mini billionaire shortbread tarts which had the perfect ratio of salted caramel and chocolate crunch.

The chocolate tart was everything I could want in a desert. The ganache was so smooth and the lime Joe was incredibly sour, which was such a treat. Hidden in the middle of the ganache was a crunchy chocolate hazelnut centre, which I was not expecting, but it was a welcome surprise.

I love learning about food, history and culture in all countries, so to have staff who were passionate about the food was a treat. I definitely understand the awarding of two Michelin stars for this restaurant. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.

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