Make Way for The Parakeet

I checked out the new Parakeet pub and dining room in Kentish Town. It had been making waves on social media and I was excited to see the menu that had been created by ex Brat chefs Ben Allen and Ed Jennings.

(And if you know me, you know I love all the Super 8 restaurants.)

Despite the dining room having only been open two days, everyone felt familiar and comfortable with the setup, guests and staff alike. The front of house staff were knowledgeable, and we chatted about the open fire grill used to make a lot of the dishes.

Small Plates

The potato bread and smoked butter was a house specialty, and I completely understand why. I thought it would be too heavy for one person, but found myself snacking on the bread and gorgeously light butter between dishes. Despite being so airy, the butter packed a smoky punch. Compared to the other plates, I found the mutton sausage a bit underwhelming and slightly too salty. The croquettes were the highlight for me. Well seasoned, great texture, and a delicious bite.

Larger Dishes

Next, I tried the lamb chop with hazelnut and artichoke. Lamb is one of my favourite meats, so I was looking forward to try this one. It didn’t disappoint; it was tender, seasoned well, and the garnishes didn’t take away from the protein. The waiter recommended the grilled lettuce with shrimp’s head butter (not pictured). While I appreciated what they were trying to do, I couldn’t taste much, apart from the smallest bitter aftertaste. Despite that, it paired really well with the American Chardonnay and lamb.

In true me fashion, I had to go for the chocolate torte. Objectively, it tasted great. The filling was creamy and rich, and it was a very pretty plate. I just wish there was more textural variety. Everything was just very soft, even the tart shell.

In conclusion, it was a decent meal and the price wasn’t bad either. The highlights for me were the wine list, and the crab croquettes which now linger in my mind forever. I’ll have to go back and order multiple portions of those.

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