Ai-Mazing Cupcakes!

Black history month led me to the black owned Hackney market. There, I found a multitude of street vendors, selling soul food, cupcakes, Afro fusion meals, clothes, jewellery and even fragrances. Being in a space where I could relate to people in terms of culture and ethos was amazing, but that’s a story for another time.

The highlight of this market was a cupcake stand called AI Cupcakes. Now, I audibly gasped when I saw the array of flavours and designs stacked up. I spoke to the lovely lady selling them, and she recommended me to try the chocolate and hazelnut cupcake. This was their best seller, and for very good reason.

Two words.

The buttercream.

This impossibly smooth, rich buttercream had me reflecting on my life choices for weeks afterwards. I spoke to at least two other sellers at the market who raved about the buttercream as well. I can’t physically explain how delicious the hazelnut buttercream was. Shout out to their oreo flavoured cake, as well as the cheesecake flavour. Really and truly, it is very hard to come up with anything to say other than it was AMAZING. AI Cake House truly deserves to be one of the big players in the dessert scene. If you don’t believe me, go to black owned Hackney for yourself. You’ll probably see me there.

Thanks for reading, and have an ai-mazing day.

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