A Royal Vegan Bakery

Being a lover of vegan bakeries and new eateries, I had to check out MOOKIND, a new vegan bakery on New Kings Road. Compared to its neighbours, the bakery stands out, as it’s bright green and smaller than the buildings around it. Despite that, I walked right past it because I was busy on google maps, looking for the place. Don’t worry, I understand the irony.

The environment was welcoming, a wide variety of vegan gelato to the left, and friendly faces standing behind an impressive selection of small cakes and cookies. I was stumped on what to get at first, as I wanted a box that reflected everything the shop had to offer. However, the staff suggested their favourite treats, some were even gluten free!

For me, the highlights were the banana loaf and the chocolate and hazelnut cookie. They were both so soft. I appreciated none of them relied on artificial sweetness, but let the flavours speak for themselves. The banana loaf was moist and moreish, so giving 3/4 of it for my family to try was a very emotional decision.

The almond and lemon cookie was also pleasantly surprising. I loved the balance of flavours, and the textures of lemon and almond pieces in the cookie worked well.

Their ethos was also great. The website says they focus a lot on sustainability and kindness. This really came through during my visit, and I felt very comfortable. They also had no problem with me filming, which is a massive plus.

Overall, it’s a lovely addition to the food on offer on Kings Road, and is a must for anyone interested in vegan food!

For people who don’t want to travel, they are also on deliveroo!

You can find their website here: https://mookind.com/

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.

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