My Totsuki Academy Bid

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I mentioned that I like the anime food wars in another post ( But today, I’ve decided to take this love to a new level and officially submit a letter of application to prove, that I deserve an opportunity to attend the absolutely non fictional Totsuki Academy.

My Japanese is horrendous, and I doubt I have the competitive spirit to battle with all the other students BUT I did manage to pull off (and mildly alter) one of my favourite dishes from the show. (Though probably the easiest.) By the time this is published, I would have made two more.

The dish I am submitting for consideration is the Chaliapin Steak. It’s a Japanese steak dish that was invented in 1936. I don’t like steak much, but I like rice and onions, so here we go.

The Process

Here we have 2 sirloin steaks. Don’t forget about them.

I’m going to cut these onions into miniscule pieces, and cover the steaks on both sides, to tenderise the meat. This is a very important part of the dish.

Yes… I used three whole onions here because I really like onions and I won’t let anyone tell me I’m using too much

Now onto the rice, which has been soaking for a while. I’m going to cook that as normal.

While the rice is cooking, I’ll saute the onions with salt, pepper and butter.

Next, I’ll cook the steaks until both sides are browned.

Mum said it smelt like burgers which is bound to happen if you’re cooking the beef at a high temperature. The fat was… a lot so I had to get rid of it very quickly

Onto making the sauce, which is my favourite part. Red wine, potato starch and soy sauce go into the pan, and I’ll add in the onions again. Because I’m edgy and different, I decided to add chilli oil and more soy sauce to the onions, to make it darker, spicier and softer.

The plum paste was a lot more bitter and savoury than I imagined in my head. I thought it would have a more sour flavour. Even so, it worked really well with the rice, and I had to stop myself from adding too much.

The final Chaliapin Steak from Totsuki ACademy

So to any Totsuki Academy scouts who are reading this, please consider letting me into your establishment. See how I took an already excellent dish and made it unnecessarily spicy? Think about how many other dishes I could do that to.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day.

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