Dinner Pho Tonight

We decided to ignore the pleas of the younger children and order some takeaway other than chips and chicken. We decided on Pho District, a nearby Vietnamese takeaway with some really good reviews.

Special fried rice from Pho District
Hoian Special Fried Rice: As a person of colour, I don’t think I could go a day without rice, so obviously we had to order this. We all loved it. The rice was soft, seasoned really well, and was generally just moreish.
Crabmeat rolls from Pho DIstrict
Crab meat Square Rolls: I’d never had crab before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I really enjoyed the rolls though, alongside the tofu, it was my favourite part of the meal.
Stewed Pork from Pho District
Stewed Pork: The pork belly was insanely soft and tender, and mum said the sauce reminded her of food she ate in her childhood. I guess Guyanese food has more in common with Vietnamese than I thought.
Fried Tofu from Pho District
Fried Tofu: The journey definitely made it so the tofu was soggier than it should have been, and the sauce in the package. Despite this though, the coating was seasoned really well and the texture of the tofu was great

In conclusion, it was a good meal and a lovely break from our usual choice in takeaway. As usual, I’d love to try it dine in but I wouldn’t be opposed to ordering it home again.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

You can find the Pho District website here: https://www.phodistrict.net/

You can find my other reviews here: https://sixpalmtrees.com/category/reviews/

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