The Waiting Game

I love Ghanaian food. My Ghanaian genes allow me to gleefully take part in diaspora wars, namely Nigerian vs Ghanaian jollof and afrobeats vs dancehall. Though, this is where I admit I prefer dancehall and I say plantain the Caribbean way.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of this specific Ghanaian restaurant called Asafo, ever since my favourite restaurant Elmina got closed down. They’re both in the south London area; Asafo being in Brixton and Elmina used to be in Norwood.

Ever since Elmina closed down, finding a restaurant that made rice as good as my family was very hard. I still haven’t. But after countless tries, Asafo is a good second place.

And finally, after 3 years, I could have it again. Sure, I could have just gone and bought some in the 3 years but for reasons, I decided against it. The excitement that came from seeing the tupperware was almost too much.

I had ordered jollof, chofi, fried plantains and of course, shito. Everything came packed individually, meaning the portion sizes were large. The jollof was just as I remembered it, spicy and delicious. The chofi was a mix of crunchy and soft, and the shito was the perfect amount of peppery. In conclusion, it was worth the wait. At first, I was nervous that I had over exaggerated how good the food was in my head, but I’m relieved that this wasn’t the case. In fact, the food managed to stand against my idealistic imagination, and that is the most important.

Of course, it can’t beat homemade family food but what can?

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.

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