My Musical Journey

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I’ve just found out that uni starts in exactly two months, which means an extra two months to break in my new digital piano. As some of you know, I love playing and composing music when I’m not cooking so I’m excited to finally have a keyboard in my room.

Today, I’ll be writing about my experiences playing piano and why it’s important to me. (But nothing about grades or school, because that’s boring)

Apparently, I’m vain. One of my reasons for quitting violin was because it made my fingers calloused, though in defence I was 13 and was looking for reasons to quit. At one point, I liked playing piano only because I looked super professional playing songs and and it gave me a personality other than “black kid with anger issues.”

It also helped with my coordination. I’m not the best at doing handsy stuff and I’m very clumsy. This doesn’t happen when I play piano though. Once I’m really in the zone I can play with all the grace and elegance of my younger sister, who’s a ballet dancer. I’m clumsy when cooking so it’s nice to have a hobby where I don’t mess things up.

I can get really distracted when playing piano sometimes, either doing warmups or trying to play my favourite songs. I play by ear mostly, but there’s something gratifying about sight-reading something particularly difficult. But I tend to lose track of time when playing. When I’m not playing, I’m thinking about what I should play next. My mind jumps from thinking about a recipe to thinking about a composition. Honestly, I’m fuelled everyday by my desire to create and I’m thankful for it. I want to inspire people with my creations.

My downfall, probably

I used to hate atonality. For someone that claimed to be “out there”, I spent my teen years refusing to compose outside a scale. My piano teacher loved jazz, and I hated anything more than a 7th chord. I hate to admit it but there was a point when even Chopin was too atonal. As you could probably tell, this was very limiting. My idea of an exciting chord progression was C to G to Bb to C.

I’ve grown from that now.

Now, Romantic era piano is my favourite genre by far, and I will defend the legacies of Brahms and Clara Schumann to anyone. Their musical legacies… whatever they did when (or before) Robert was in the hospital is none of my business. I listen to them a lot for composing inspiration nowadays.

Upward Spiral

Now that I have a digital piano in my room, you can guarantee my sleep schedule won’t exist anymore. I’ve already been staying up all night to play and I don’t see this changing.

Until the next time.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.

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