The Victoria Sponge Saga: 1

You’d think Victoria sponge cakes are really easy. Vanilla sponge, some jam, some cream and done? Actually, no.

For a cake so simple, you need to perfect everything. The sponge has to be light, fluffy, bouncy and perfectly sweet. This then has to balance out the more tart sweetness of the jam and finally the fresh sweetness of the cream. Mad stuff, I think.

Anyways, me and my mum decided to embark on the journey to make something that showcased all of these things, while still being pretty. She isn’t one to experiment with recipes and flavours, so I really had to beg her. It took two weeks by the way. I wonder how long it’ll take to do more complex things…?

We started with a basic pound cake recipe, but I knew from experience that if you follow the 1 egg for 50g method, the cake won’t be light and will be too eggy. So I decided to sneakily remove an egg and then reveal my secret once we were pouring the batter in. Judging by her reaction, I could tell she thought the cake wouldn’t turn out right, but I had the last laugh.

Not really, actually because the oven was turned on too high and the cakes browned a little faster than usual. It turned out good though, the texture was great and it was melt in the mouth. I don’t want to say it was perfect because of the browning issue, but I believe we were close to it.

Here’s how it turned out.

Lemon curd, cream and blueberries

Also, I just want to mention that living on a windy hill is very hard. The weather is ten times more dramatic for no reason, and meant that I had a very awkward photography session.

Jam, cream and strawberries

This was only the first attempt though, and I’m looking forward to making small changed with the decoration, other factors to make the cake taste and look perfect. Don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe when I’m done!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.

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