Wholegrain Roti and a Lot More

So as I write this, I’m staring at my phone looking at the badly taken photos on Indian takeaway I ordered. I don’t actually eat that much Indian food, but my sister suggested I try something different to review. We looked up the best rated places in the area, Lahori Tikka Masala.

I didn’t bother taking out my camera and doing a photoshoot, because I was insanely hungry. But I was excited to talk about the food and review so here we go.

We ordered two types of of vegetable samosa; normal and Punjabi (which was considerably bigger and was seasoned differently.)

Both me and my sister preferred the normal style; the seasoning on that was top notch and the potato was cooked really well. We ordered two types of lamb, vindaloo and grilled chops. Both of them were seasoned amazingly too, and the spice level of vindaloo was perfect. (I love spicy food so I was happy they didn’t skimp out on the pepper.)

Finally, we ordered two types of roti. One plain, and one aloo paratha. Honestly, when I ripped into the tinfoil, I was surprised to see brown flour was used. Not for some weird culinary reason, but simply because I hadn’t tried wholegrain roti.

It was actually really good, albeit a little chewy. Again, the potato seasoning was top notch (I’m noticing a pattern here, are you?) and the balance of potato to other vegetables was really good.

All in all, it was a great meal and it was worth the money.

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  1. Sounds so yummy! I love Indian food.

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