We are the Future

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So I’m lying in bed with an advanced stomach ache and three assignments that I need to do but instead I’m thinking of things that would be cool to write about.

Restaurant reviews and interesting places to visit are commonplace. It’s something everyone visiting London wants to know about. Even residents, because we like validation that we know the best places to go. After going between, twitter, blackboard and the wordpress editor, it finally hit me.

Without this component, no one would be here, and neither would a lot of things. I’m talking about the people. The mastermind behind London’s next big restaurant, the tourist who took the tube from Paddington to Lancaster Gate, the seasoned traveller who has their oyster card prepared when they wake up in the morning, or the student who has an exam but is electing to ignore it for a night out.

All of these people and all of their stories make London a fun dynamic place to live in and see. The diversity of cultures, nationalities, fashion and language, just to name a few is something you won’t see in a lot of places.

How am I going to do that?

I’m quite lucky because I can go around London with family and friends with different perspectives. They’ll all see the same places in different ways; some will be very used to the sights and others finding fish and chips really exciting. I’ll be featuring them a lot, so you’ll be getting to know my family and friends quite well.

I’ve rambled enough for one day I think, but thank you for reading. Until the next time!

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