Underground Archives: An introduction

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If you’re like me, you’re one of the few people who enjoy using the underground and would defend it against anyone who dares besmirch it’s name. Our “we did it first” complex is strong, and we’re always ready to argue with every New Yorker, Hong Konger or Parisian who suggests we aren’t superior. (Sure, some of your railways are “cleaner” and “more efficient” but do you have the DLR line? I think not.)

The tube is a place where the true you is exposed and all your flaws come to light. The lighting is unfavourable, every noise and smell amplified by at least 1000% and everyone is glaring at each other. Not because of rbf but because no one wants anyone to sit or stand next to them. It’s true, Londoners aren’t the most social bunch.

In each instalment, I’ll talk about something I’ve experienced on the underground, or an interesting feature. Or maybe I’ll just talk about how much I can’t stand the Piccadilly line.

Enjoy the archives. I’ll post one every Friday.

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